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Rihanna’s Second Collection For River Island

So it’s been about five minutes since Rihanna’s first collaboration with River Island came out so of course, we must prepare ourselves for another one almost immediately. The first collection didn’t get a great run from the critics; a lot of them said the line was aimed at way too small of a demographic, others Read More


Has Ri-Ri Earned Her Fashion Stripes?

WE’VE witnessed many a celebrity tryst with fashion over the years: sometimes it can end well, a lot of times it doesn’t. Katie Holmes has officially hung up her designing hat, we barely hear about Beyoncé’s efforts anymore and the Kardashians just won’t get out of your face with their products. But now is the Read More


Rihanna is Finally Wearing Some Clothes

I know that if you’re all any bit like me, you may be a tad sick of seeing pictures of Rihanna’s semi-naked bod all over the internet constantly. With no pants, in a bikini, doesn’t matter what it is – Ri-Ri will flaunt it! But for a change, we’re seeing the ‘Umbrella’ superstar endorsing clothing Read More

21st Birthday Celebrations!

It’s just a quick post tonight, I wanted to post Sunday but with all the birthday celebrations the last few days its been manic. My mum threw a little surprise party for me last night and I had a really great night, loads of wine and champagne flowing and my cake was unbelievable…so me! It Read More

If Roses Are Red

Its coming up to that time of year that no matter how much they deny it, singletons hate and sickening couples love. Even though I’m part of one of those sickening couples and delight in the fact that I’m getting a card and present this year, I’m approximately 1,500 miles away from my boyfriend this Read More