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My Favourites: My Make-Up Bag

People are always asking me on my various social media accounts what make-up I use on my days off/nights out (from my awkward selfies)! For today, I’ve decided to write down some of my favourite products that I use everyday and what exactly I think of them! There are some products that I hold onto Read More

favourite lipsticks

Winter Edit: My Favourite Lipsticks

If you have checked out the blog before, you’ll know I have quite the obsession with lipstick! It started years ago when I always wanted to try on my mum’s lippie but escalated into a full-blown lipstick need that can’t seem to be controlled. Pretty much every night I go out, I throw on some Read More

#BornFashions Event

I headed down to the #BornFashion event on Thursday evening with my friend and fellow blogger Seána Curley from Innocent Illusion Makeup Artistry at the main Newtownsmith store in Galway. The two of us decided to go down as a last minute decision to check out the launch of the Young Fashions Department and pick Read More

Fit for Extinction?

From Gwen Stefani to Mischa Barton, every celebrity worth their fashion credentials has their own handbag line these days and influencing their hoards of fans with their own particular look. But style icon and self-proclaimed ‘geriatric starlet’ Iris Apfel is topping off her own fashion empire with her new collection ‘Extinctions’. The infamous style icon Read More

Scrumptious Sunday Seven: May 13

Its been another hectic week in Budapest, we’ve been following Bruce Willis for the week (you can see my pics below!) and between that, having full days in the office, college and exams, I am just worn out. Getting ready for the rest of the week, a.k.a dying my hair (purple in case you’re wondering!) Read More

The Hunt For The Perfect Lipstick

So I’ve been hearing so much about this new limited edition ‘Hello Sailor‘ collection that MAC have brought out! I went into one of the MAC boutiques her in Budapest a few weeks ago and of course, fell in love with the red lippie (all you regular readers know I’m a huge fan!). But fellow Read More

If Roses Are Red

Its coming up to that time of year that no matter how much they deny it, singletons hate and sickening couples love. Even though I’m part of one of those sickening couples and delight in the fact that I’m getting a card and present this year, I’m approximately 1,500 miles away from my boyfriend this Read More