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So I can finally tell everyone the good news I’ve been trying to hold back all week: I’m officially the Life & Style Editor for An Focal for next year! The last academic year, I’ve had the honour of being the Fashion Editor for the newspaper but I was asked to go back as Life & Style Editor, a combination of lifestyle and fashion, which is a brilliant opportunity. I’m looking forward to working with the new editorial team and my new editor Darragh, and most of all, I’m looking forward to working back at campus again. This year working as an editor abroad wasn’t the most agreeable and I can’t wait to be centre of the action again!

I went to the introduction of my job at Northfoto today and it looks so exciting. I’ll be dealing with celebrity photos and video everyday as well as captioning and keywording and most incredibly of all, I’ll beย liaising with UK newspapers and magazines like The Sun, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan personally to provide them with photographs. Its shaping up to be an exciting couple of months and I can’t wait to learn as much as I can whilst basking in the sun still!

I’ve also gone to see my new flat today and been asked to become a bi-weekly contributor for The Genteel so my week has been absolutely jammed with news and information, its been kind of over-whelming! All I know is, my career has taken a giant boost in the last few days and all i can do is hope it doesn’t stop rising!

This photo was taken in Budapest today, absolutely gorgeous view, and captures my mood perfectly!

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