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ITWBN: The Best Style in Winter is Warmth

As part of the new Into The West Bloggers Network, I’ve written up some of the pieces I love and covet to get me through the cold winter weather in Galway! There is such a need for a good cosy winter coat this year and I’ve really been wanting coats in bright eye-catching colours! I’ll definitely be investing in one or two of these when I’m paid! I find the best deals on coats are always online, it’s unbelievable what deals you can get when you go searching online. Usually I stick to ASOS and Missguided when I do my online clothes shopping but recently I’ve been searching further afield and been exploring sites like for something a little different, which the site certainly has.

Winter boots are completely necessary at the moment and the more lined the better! I have loads of winter boots and I usually live in my Ugg boots during the winter months, teamed with tights and dresses/skirts. I’m in the market for a pair of brown boots and a pair of over-the-knee boots so have been looking around everywhere for some options! Also it’s always a good idea to have a stylish pair of sneakers to run around doing those Christmas-related jobs! These are some of my favourite picks for the cold months!

My other winter essential is a good warm hat…or preferably several of them! It’s necessary to keep your ears warm in this weather and there are so many different fabrics and shapes to choose from. I’m lucky to have a head that can wear most kinds of hats and I have different styles from bowler hats to felt hats, fur Russian-style hats to animal-shaped hats. I love hat shopping and since my hair has grown, I love styling my hair around hats! Nothing nicer than nicely curled hair under a hat!

Make sure you grab your warm winter coats and accessories cos it’s getting very cold out there! These are my favourite wardrobe pieces to keep me toasty warm in the winter and hopefully you’ll be just as toasty warm with these pieces!

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