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ITWBN: Get To Know Me

As part of the Into The West Blogger Network, this week I’m writing up an article all about myself. Usually I keep the focus on what is going on on the catwalk or at the latest fashion events, which is why turning the tables and writing about myself is definitely something a little different!

This week’s challenge is in aid of the ITWBN meet-up happening on April 12 in the G Hotel in Galway city. Just like every other Galway blogging event, it’ll be filled with fun, friends and interesting conversation. My best mate Babs of BabsScribbles will be coming up for the occasion (which I’m SO excited for) and we’ll all be getting dolled up to have some fashion talk and some business card swapping!

So onto me. The challenge is for me to tell you 10 things about myself. I don’t know about you but I find these things really difficult – like those Bebo quizzes we all used to fill out years ago. Finding 10 interesting facts about yourself that will cover both fashion and my personal life makes me feel ill because who knows what other people actually find interesting? So here are 10 things about me that people might/might not know and we’ll go from there! I’ve picked questions from other blogs just to help me out!


What Started Your Career In Fashion Blogging?

I always wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger and never even considered writing as a career. After putting down Journalism on my forms on a whim, I got into the course in University of Limerick and never looked back. However, it wasn’t until my second year that I considered fashion – after writing an article for the college newspaper as a favour, I turned out to love doing it and five months later, I was the fashion editor of the paper. Since then, that’s been the only career in my mind and the one I intend to follow!

What Is Your Favourite Colour?

I adore the colour red – I think it is one of those colours that embodies confidence and strength in a woman and every woman should own at least one item of red clothing. But I never actually wear it myself as I don’t think it suits my skin tone – leaning more towards deep blues and dark green. I do make up for it by wearing lashings of red lipstick though so I suppose I do incorporate it in there somewhere!

get to know me

If You Won The Lotto Tonight, What Would You Buy?

I don’t think I’d go too mad to be honest. I’d get practical things like driving lessons and probably a house and then save some for the future. Major shopping trip first obviously!

What Kind Of Style Do You Like?

I chop and change depending on my mood. One day I want to wear sleek monochrome and others i love throwing in splashes of colour. I don’t really have a particular style but I do like to look and feel powerful in my clothes so wearing something that suits me gives me a real pick-me-up!

Have You Ever Had An Operation?

Yes, I’ve had three! One after a bike accident when I was 7 to stitch my chin back together and two on my nose! Awful rock and roll for someone that is overly cautious!

What Inspires You?

The idea that you can do a job that you love, be financially secure from a little hard work. I’m constantly working towards my goal of being a fashion journalist, doing everything from networking with people to freelancing for different publications and I’ll continue to do it until I reach that goal. Never give up and all that!

What Is Your Make-Up Secret?

I have a couple of different products I couldn’t live without! Benefit Boi-ing concealer covers all those blemishes for days that I’m just not arsed putting on make-up. Also it cover my tattoo when necessary! My Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is also AMAZING, I use it every day whether it’s work or a night out and the black shade is perfect as an eyeliner!

How Many Places Have You Lived?

Tons! I grew up in London and moved to Tipperary, Ireland when I was 9. I moved to Limerick to go to uni, lived in Budapest for Study Abroad for six months and moved to Galway last year! I’m heading back to London in a few months and hopefully then I’ll stick to one place for a while!

What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Crap TV and my pyjamas! I spend so much time on the computer on my site and blogging for sites that sometimes I love to sit on the sofa and chill out with some terrible reality show! You name it, I’ve probably watched it!

What Are Your Hobbies?

I dunno if I have that many hobbies. Writing and editing takes up a lot of my time! I do love reading, hanging out with friends, going out for the day with Brian, relaxing with some music, shopping and I suppose writing!


Until then.

Keep Styling,



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