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Interview: Capulet and Montague

Emily Maree talks design, ambitions and Irish influences with up-and-coming designer Lisa McCormack from Capulet and Montague

Did you always want to be a jewellery designer? Did you study for it?

Actually I fell into it mid recession after losing my job. It was a blessing in disguise! Having the time and opportunity to create and being self-taught, it opened very different exciting doors for me.

What national and international designers do you admire? Have you any inspirations?

I have different ways I look at other designers to be honest. The talent and success of our Irish designers that I have been featured with, like John Rocha & Danielle Romeril – who I was lucky to share the front cover of Image Magazine – inspires me to work harder, so most of my inspirations are close to home. But who wouldn’t love a pair of Rick Owens shoes?

Describe your latest designs.

My new pieces are not a huge jump from last season. I’m still progressing and evolving using the same materials as last season but experimenting with flashes of colorful fringing and textiles and slightly different shapes but still sleek and recognizable.

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What celebrity would you love to see wearing your designs?

I’m actually lucky enough that Annie Clark from St Vincent is the proud owner of one of my opaque curve necklaces so I can tick that off my bucket list, as she is the queen of cool!

What clothing designers would you love to see your designs teamed with?

This is a hard question as some of my pieces have been themed with different style clothing like Roland Mouret or the clean lines of COS and each time I’m as excited as the time before with the outcome of the look. I love to see women with a strong sense of style wearing my pieces day to day.

What advice do you have for any designers that are trying to make it in the jewellery design world?

Prepare to be working hard and into the late evenings. Try to keep momentum as it’s worth it when you see someone wearing one of your pieces on the street or the feedback you get from clients.

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What has been your career-defining moment so far?

It changes constantly but so far it’s definitely been the Image magazine cover. It was my first and I’ll be honest, there were tears of joy!

How did it feel to have your designs in publications like Image, The Irish Times and U Magazine and used by designers like Christian Dior?

It’s one of the things that pushes me constantly, the excitement never goes away! I have been lucky that some amazing Irish stylists have borrowed pieces for shoots and to be themed in these publications with such huge talented designers.

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