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Internship and Other News

So many things have happened over the last few days, its about time I wrote them all down! I’ve been house-hunting and finally found a flat I can live in for the next two months, its odd to be excited about moving to a house that has wireless internet and a decent shower, but that’s Read More

News Catch Up

Bit of a news catch-up, so much has been happening in the last week or so, its crazy! Firstly my second article for The Genteel has been published, an article about Printa, a design space in Budapest, and my next one will be out in about a fortnight so that’s pretty exciting. They’ve asked me Read More

Lawyers, Dinosaurs & Inevitable Decisions

Life can pass you by so quickly and you’d never even notice, until one day you stop to think for a second about the time and changes that have passed you by and realise what exactly is happening with your life. The last couple of weeks have been dull to say the least, as beautiful Read More

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