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holly shortall illustration

Interview: Holly Shortall Illustration

Emily Maree talks Vogue, being retweeted by Kim Kardashian and following her dreams with popular illustrator Holly Shortall When and how did you start illustrating? A lot of people email me asking where I studied illustration, or how I ‘learned’ to draw but the truth is, it’s something I’ve been doing since I was physically

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liebster award

The Liebster Award

Ever since I started blogging a couple of years ago, I’ve noticed that the world of fashion and beauty blogging really is a huge community. Most bloggers will do an awful lot to help out others and the constant parties, showcases and meet-ups aimed at bloggers are evidence of this. I’ve always had so much

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life lessons

A Letter To My Little Sister

I’ve been seeing ‘letters to my teenage self’ a lot in the media recently, people penning their regrets and shortcomings in notes for a person they used to be a million and one years ago. I like the idea of this in theory but with this annoying ‘YOLO’ craze that’s has been popping up all

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Happy New Year!

2012 was a crazy crazy year, full of ups and downs, for me especially! I lived in Budapest, took the trip of a lifetime inter-railing, went to Milan and began my last HECTIC year in uni. I’ve learnt so much about so many things, I’ve lost friends that maybe weren’t the best for me and

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Vogue’s New Rule: A Futile Effort?

Hi everyone! I’ve already posted this article as part of my press features section, but I really enjoyed writing this article and I think its always a really current issue. It was posted on The Genteel, a Canadian fashion website back in May but over the last few months, with all the changes in Vogue issues

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Ok, I know I neglected Scrumptious Sunday Seven again last week but in my defence I didn’t get into Luxembourg until half twelve at night and was only fit for my bed! I will be able to post one on Sunday as we have proper wifi for the night in Bruges but until then, this can only

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Fit for Extinction?

From Gwen Stefani to Mischa Barton, every celebrity worth their fashion credentials has their own handbag line these days and influencing their hoards of fans with their own particular look. But style icon and self-proclaimed ‘geriatric starlet’ Iris Apfel is topping off her own fashion empire with her new collection ‘Extinctions’. The infamous style icon

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Life & Style Editor

So I can finally tell everyone the good news I’ve been trying to hold back all week: I’m officially the Life & Style Editor for An Focal for next year! The last academic year, I’ve had the honour of being the Fashion Editor for the newspaper but I was asked to go back as Life

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