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ANTM Final 2012

The final of America’s Next Top Model was finally on last night after weeks of waiting and I’m so happy with the result! I know a lot of people had stopped watching it this season, saying it’s not about the modelling anymore and its all publicity, but I have to say I really enjoyed this Read More

Eco Fashion in Budapest

Walking through my college campus on the way to get a cocktail today, I happened upon the most amazing sight ever: a fashion show on my own campus. There was some RAG week/Spring Break events going on in the middle of the campus and while we were waiting for our drinks, we spotted the most Read More

Model Students

FOR what seems like forever, models have been the stuff of our dreams, these unattainable women that smile out at us from the glossy pages of the magazines we obsess over. Models have influenced our subconscious judgement our whole lives: the blushing brides we dressed up as in bridal magazines when we were children, the Read More

Siberia Shoe Shop

Went into this shop called Siberia the other day as its the subject of my latest article for The Genteel, and its the most magical shoe shop I’ve ever seen! The owner Anna Zaboeva is the owner of Pleasemachine, the brand that makes all the shoes in the shop and she uses and recycles old Read More

Printa Design Shop

As part of my next assignment for The Genteel, I got to go and do a piece on this fabulous design shop in the back streets of Budapest. Tucked away in a rough-looking area, is this beautiful little gem of a company. Not only is it a design shop, its a cafe, an art gallery Read More

Wishing The Summer Away

There is nothing like not even getting into springtime yet and worrying about what you’ll wear in October or November. Far from our pastels colours and floaty designs of spring, mint green being a personal favourite, we’re worrying about how to fill our wardrobe with the simple burgundy’s and navy’s that graced this month’s catwalks Read More

The Original Factory Girl

IT’S NOT often that women are so famous for just their beauty, even models claim that their campaigns, runway walks, behaviour and general demeanour  have just as much of a part as their face does. But one woman above all others has managed to create one of the most famous names in fashion, music and Read More

If Roses Are Red

Its coming up to that time of year that no matter how much they deny it, singletons hate and sickening couples love. Even though I’m part of one of those sickening couples and delight in the fact that I’m getting a card and present this year, I’m approximately 1,500 miles away from my boyfriend this Read More

Belfast Fashion Week: Designers and Designer Boutiques

It was a fabulous night that kicked off Belfast Fashion Week in a luxury suite in the Europa Hotel in Belfast city. The decor and atmosphere walking into the room were enough to excite anyone, even before the beautiful models took to the cream luxurious catwalk.  As this blogger sat down on the clear Perspex Read More

What You’ll Be Wearing For S/S’12

I love springtime, don’t you? It’s my favourite season of all, the crisp warm air (if you’re not living inIreland, of course!), the chance to finally pull the wedges out of the back of the wardrobe again and of course, the fashion. Fashionistas across the globe flocked to their city of choice, or all four Read More

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