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spirit one spa

Spa Day At Spirit One Spa, Radisson Blu Galway

Friday, my friend Aoife and I headed to the Spirit One Spa at the Radisson Blu hotel in Galway. We’d been planning to do something different for a while and when Aoife mentioned a spa day, I jumped at the opportunity! I’d never had any spa treatments before besides a mini-facial so we did a Read More


My Favourites: My Make-Up Bag

People are always asking me on my various social media accounts what make-up I use on my days off/nights out (from my awkward selfies)! For today, I’ve decided to write down some of my favourite products that I use everyday and what exactly I think of them! There are some products that I hold onto Read More

favourite lipsticks

Winter Edit: My Favourite Lipsticks

If you have checked out the blog before, you’ll know I have quite the obsession with lipstick! It started years ago when I always wanted to try on my mum’s lippie but escalated into a full-blown lipstick need that can’t seem to be controlled. Pretty much every night I go out, I throw on some Read More

tag this or that

TAG: This Or That

I’ve been in and out of the blog for a while now so I’ve decided to do an easy blog to get back into my stride! It’s been a mad few months with work and and I’m currently in talks with the charity Jigsaw to do some work with them – so all in Read More

How To Style Your Hair This Season

WHEN we enter a new fashion season, we always keep our eyes out for the latest fashion and beauty trends to keep our eyes on the style button. But the last thing we think of is the way we should wear our hair. Hair is one of the most striking elements of a catwalk show, Read More

The Hunt For The Perfect Lipstick

So I’ve been hearing so much about this new limited edition ‘Hello Sailor‘ collection that MAC have brought out! I went into one of the MAC boutiques her in Budapest a few weeks ago and of course, fell in love with the red lippie (all you regular readers know I’m a huge fan!). But fellow Read More

Inner Beauty

People are very quick to judge, especially women. I’m not preaching, mind you, I count myself in the 97% of women who do criticise or ‘judge a book by its cover’ (because you just know there are always that 3% to show the rest of us up!).  But recently, I’ve been thinking about the concept Read More