ANTM Final 2012

The final of America’s Next Top Model was finally on last night after weeks of waiting and I’m so happy with the result! I know a lot of people had stopped watching it this season, saying it’s not about the modelling anymore and its all publicity, but I have to say I really enjoyed this season, especially cos it was Brits vs Americans. I’ve been to Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model shows twice and enjoyed them so much and the shows have encouraged my love of fashion and the concept of it rather than just loving clothes. I enjoy the technique of the posing, the walks, the way they wear the clothes. I especially love the difference between modelling and being a supermodel. Everyone thinks that being a model is so easy but in reality its one of the most difficult jobs in the world. That pressure to be  perfect for the cameras 24 hours a day, the knowledge that if you trip on a runway or put your arm at the wrong angle at a shoot, you could screw up your career permanently: it’s a lot of pressure to look the part. Anyway, my favourite won out and against all the odds and accusations of rigging, a Brit won outright, so well done to Sophie Sumner! She came second in BINTM but its her chance to shine this year in ANTM and she’s won some fantastic prizes including a spread in Vogue Italia! This 21 year-old from Oxford, England has risen to the top and I’ve shown some pictures below to show her evolution as a model the last few years!

Her shot at the beginning of ANTM ‘British Invasion’

Shoot included leaves and maple syrup, 3 guesses where it was influenced!

Her shot with the Jenner ladies!

The creepily awesome Hello Kitty shoot

The ANTM ‘Dreams Come True’ fragrance campaign

Sophie with good friend and fellow Brit Emma Watson

Crazy dinner party shoot with Estelle

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