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Hi guys, I’m Emily (better known as Em),

Originally from Croydon in London, I’m living in Galway with my boyfriend Brian having just graduated from university in Limerick. I’m a fashion journalist/editor/wannabe photographer and am using this as a portfolio to keep all my articles and fashion musings together. Follow my blog as I find my way to a fashion journalism job and plan my move to London!

I’ve tried my hand at just about every journalism job from a six month internship for CollegeFashionista.co.uk to being a paparazzo in Budapest following Bruce Willis. I’m the Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Intrigue.ie, was Life & Style Editor for the UL newspaper An Focal for two years and have also contributed for various websites such as Fashion.ie, Linger magazine and The FashionGuise…amongst others! So if you’re interested in fashion – take a look, you might like what you see, and if you do, let me know.

LOVES: Fashion, London, Topshop, writing, my lovely boyfriend Brian, pillows, Louboutins, red lipstick, reading, Zara, British Vogue, singing really loud with my iPod, my best mates Ellie, Dani and Babs, my other brilliant mates, eyeliner, Family Guy, Uggs (ugly but SO comfy), River Island, Calvin Harris, bandage dresses, dancing all the time, my faux fur, Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, shopping, white wine (and lots of it!), fluffy socks, indian food, Kate Moss, copious amounts of Starbucks, Made In Chelsea, toast, guilty pleasure TV, MAC, high heels, my bed, having my own individual style, Jones & Jones, road trips, expensive lingerie, H&M, biker boots, Gossip Girl, KitKat Chunkys, Victoria’s Secret, lie-ins, Benefit, nights away with the boyfriend, taking photos, snow, popcorn, indian food, travelling abroad to new places, Elle, lovely dresses, vintage……


  • phoebespooner

    Absolutely fabulous blog – I needed some more fashion in my reader! Not to mention I could practically cut and paste your “LOVES:” list into my blog, you have great taste!

  • Phoebe Spooner


    You won’t believe me, but you were one of my very first followers! You can expect a cheesy thank you email, something I’m trying to thank all my original supporters (so keep your eyes out for that!) However, I also wanted to reach out and let you know how much I love the new site! (I don’t know how new it is since you’ve swapped over) It’s very nice, so classy and professional looking!

    Thank you again for your support over a year ago! Can’t wait to reacquaint myself with your writing!

    Phoebe @ takenbythelapels.wordpress.com

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