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A Letter To My Little Sister

I’ve been seeing ‘letters to my teenage self’ a lot in the media recently, people penning their regrets and shortcomings in notes for a person they used to be a million and one years ago. I like the idea of this in theory but with this annoying ‘YOLO’ craze that’s has been popping up all over the place, whatever happened to the idea of no regrets? I’ve decided to write a letter too but not to my teenage self. As much as I think I’ve done stupid things in my life, they’ve made me who I am now so I don’t think its necessary to want to change my past. My future is just fine. This letter is written for someone who will live through everything I lived and I want to reassure her that these mistakes we make in younger life will be just fine in the end. Those dramas we thought were the end of the world; they blow over very quickly. This letter is penned to my little sister. Ellen is three and frankly, the most hilarious person on the planet. She doesn’t give a shit about anything and I hope she stays this way. Just in case though, I’ve a bit of advice for her!

That Boy (or Girl) In The Future Won’t Matter

I’m telling you this now because it’s the most honest advice I can give you. You will fall in love when you’re a teenager. A lot. You will think that your partner is your whole world and for a while they will be. Heartbreak sucks but you’ll soon pick yourself back up and keep going, it’s what strong women, like you will be, do! It might take a few tries to find the one for you (trust me, I know!) but in the end it’ll be worth it. It won’t matter who you fall in love with. As long as your family see you’re happy, we’ll be happy too.

Mum Will Probably Be Right A Lot

Yes I know it’s very annoying! I know you don’t listen to her now so you probably still won’t when you’re a teen but the irritating thing is, she is right a lot. You’ll probably hate her when you’re in your teens, she gives out an awful lot but amidst all the aggro, she’s a good person. She’s been through a lot and she talks a lot of sense. You should probably listen to her more even though I know you won’t. Just don’t lose yourself in the process; you’re a hell of a character and it would be a crying shame to put a dampener on that! Don’t be a little old woman like I was. But respect her, she deserves that.

life lessons

Enjoy School; It’s Gone In A Flash

You love school right now, never change that. Homework seems like a drag and sometimes your fellow students will annoy you too. Just enjoy it while you can, it’s gone in a flash and you’ll be foisted out into the world about 5 minutes after you finish kindergarten! Also, when choosing your university degree…do what you want to do. Don’t think about job expectancy and wages, if you’re good enough at the job you love, you’ll get there in the end. Take it from someone who did Journalism for four years.

Don’t Bother Trying To Fit In; It’s Standing Out That Counts

One of the best things I can ever tell you is to be yourself. Don’t spend years trying to fit in like I did; it fails and you won’t be happy. You’re awesome just the way you are and if you stay yourself, you’ll have plenty of friends deserving of you.

Another thing. You’ll lose friends along the way. Friends you thought were your entire world and you think your support system will crumble without them. It’s the right thing in the end, even though it doesn’t seem so at the time. I regret some of the friendships I’ve lost, others were the making of me but in either case, it’s for the best most of the time. The real friendships you make will work in the end through thick and thin, even through the silly arguments.

Lastly, Be Happy And Don’t Worry Unnecessarily

Don’t worry about the stupid things. I spend about 80% of my time worrying and it does nothing for me, and it won’t for you either! Smile a lot, spend a lot of time with your friends and do silly things, things fitting of your age. Read a lot of books, laugh a lot and tell ridiculous jokes. Be kind to your brother, he’s a softie and needs looking after even though he is older than you. Lastly, never lose your spark. You’re an awesome kid and I know you’ll be just as awesome when you grow up.

I, for one, can’t wait for it.

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