Month: February 2012

Lawyers, Dinosaurs & Inevitable Decisions

Life can pass you by so quickly and you’d never even notice, until one day you stop to think for a second about the time and changes that have passed you by and realise what exactly is happening with your life. The last couple of weeks have been dull to say the least, as beautiful Read More

A Cold Day In Budapest

    Its been a very cold few weeks here but doesn’t make it any less beautiful in Budapest. The weather is finally looking up and although I’ll be glad I can now walk down the street with my coat open, I’ll miss the beauty of the snow and the ice. However, even though its Read More

There’s Something About Blake

WHEN Gossip Girl hit our screens in 2007, it wasn’t just the outfits or the backdrop of the Upper East Side that captivated us; it was the beauty of the main characters especially Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester and the gorgeous Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively. Four years later, Lively is Read More

The Original Factory Girl

IT’S NOT often that women are so famous for just their beauty, even models claim that their campaigns, runway walks, behaviour and general demeanour  have just as much of a part as their face does. But one woman above all others has managed to create one of the most famous names in fashion, music and Read More

Written In The Stars

There isn’t much talk about male style icons these days, since the days of Sean Connery, Marlon Brando and the Rat Pack are gone with nothing but their legacy behind them. However, there is always someone to pick up the slack and this year, the spotlight has been shone on British rap star Tinie Tempah. Read More

If Roses Are Red

Its coming up to that time of year that no matter how much they deny it, singletons hate and sickening couples love. Even though I’m part of one of those sickening couples and delight in the fact that I’m getting a card and present this year, I’m approximately 1,500 miles away from my boyfriend this Read More

Travelling In Style

So I’m finally here, in the beautiful city of Budapest. Its a touch surreal to think that this time three days ago, I was at home freaking out about packing but I guarantee every fashionista has the same problem, especially when its a five month trip. Due to a glitch with the packing situation, I Read More