Month: July 2011

What To Wear For Your Body Type Next Season

Many women don’t feel confident in their own skin and the clothes they wear, not just because they’re insecure with their bodies, but because they are clueless about what clothes, colours and shapes to wear for their body, skin and hair types. The body is such a beautiful thing, and when dressed appropriately can be Read More

Breaking It Down: What The Designers Want You Wearing This Season

 So, since the summer has been so terrible and sluggish, all those gorgeous pairs of shorts, sun-dresses and sandals have been hidden in the back of the wardrobe like the mongrels left at the animal shelter. But instead of focusing on the negative of those poor espadrilles just crying out to be worn, let’s focus Read More

Only The Best For A Festival!

There’s something so…British about a festival. The weather, the acceptance of the mud, the cheap, non-waterproof tents, the fashion. Everybody who is anybody has attended a festival or at least wishes they had. Festival fashion is one of the biggest fashion trends discussed amongst the masses every year. Although some people push the boat out, Read More

Inner Beauty

People are very quick to judge, especially women. I’m not preaching, mind you, I count myself in the 97% of women who do criticise or ‘judge a book by its cover’ (because you just know there are always that 3% to show the rest of us up!).  But recently, I’ve been thinking about the concept Read More